The Hawaiian Pig says….

July 13, 2006

Okay, we’ve read about different celebrations and customs, from pigs to frogs, that take place in the United States.  Now, it is time for you to write about a special celebration or event from your country.  Be sure to be as specific as possible so the rest of the class can understand why it is special.  If you want to, you can use the outline or the web for the celebration that we did in class.  I look forward to reading about all of these special occasions.

Got to go…my frog is about to jump!


Tell Me About Your Reading

June 30, 2006

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.  I also hope that you have got a copy of the Express from your local metro station or bus stop and read a story or two.  Tell us about a story that you read:  what was the title? what was the main idea? did you like it?  what’s your opinion?

After you have written your comment, feel free to read others’ comments and write to them.

Enjoy the 4th of July and look for fireworks.


Do You Feel Lucky?

June 25, 2006

Hello B Team,

How is your weekend so far?

Sorry for this late post, but I guess I wasn’t too lucky with my computer. What I want to know is about some superstitions (check for a good online dictionary) from your country. Which superstitions have good luck and which have bad luck?

Have fun and I hope we all have luck reading what everyone writes.