The Hawaiian Pig says….

Okay, we’ve read about different celebrations and customs, from pigs to frogs, that take place in the United States.  Now, it is time for you to write about a special celebration or event from your country.  Be sure to be as specific as possible so the rest of the class can understand why it is special.  If you want to, you can use the outline or the web for the celebration that we did in class.  I look forward to reading about all of these special occasions.

Got to go…my frog is about to jump!


13 Responses to The Hawaiian Pig says….

  1. rhdwn says:

    The bigiest celebrate is New year day in Korea .
    Actually , theseday almost Korean don’t wear trandition clothes.
    However, somepeople wear Korean clothes in New year for celebrating New year.
    I raticularly like food and bow culture in New year.

    When we are new year day, we eat dilicious food.
    When we have a ancestral for ancestor, we are ready rice soup, rice cake and fruit meat korean liquar.

    Another culture is bow
    While I am bowing to older people, they give some money
    This mean is for fortune each other.
    Usually when we are bowing, we wear Han Bok( korean trandition clothes)

  2. esnowwalker says:


    • 1st day:-

    1\ Morning:.

    a- Eed pray.
    b- Meet with my family.
    c- Take a breakfast.
    d- Receiving the guest.
    e- Take the Arabic Coffee with date and Tea.
    f- See my uncles.
    g- Visit our neighbors.

    2\ pm:.

    a- Take the lunch with my family and uncles.
    b- Meet with friends.
    c- Backe to my home.
    d- Take diner with family and uncles.

    • 2nd day:-

    1\ Morning:

    a- Receiving the guests, and take the coffee with date and tea.

    2\ pm:.

    a- Take the lunch.
    b- Prepare for a trip with the family and uncles.
    c- Make fun.
    d- Make the diner.
    e- Go bake home.

    Amer – level-B

  3. esnowwalker says:

    hello every one,I’m ghanim from QATAR,I’m going to tell you abouy our celebration in QATAR,we have big celebration,it’s called EID AL-FITER.It’s once of two Eid in the is a big celebration for muslims.There is special pray in this day,and all the people visit relatines and friends,they have lunch with each other.In enening there are alot of things make us happy also we can spend alot of time there,for example(traditional dance,fire works,international dance…..),and alot of things, also there is achild program,and they take money from the old people, that is our celebration in our country, and i hope you enjoy with this… i hope to see your comment.


  4. nawaf says:

    there is one big day in Qatar all people like these day becuse they enjoy and had nice time.
    im talking about the 3rd of july,all people wear new clothes and make sure they looking good.
    people meeting in big house to take look for the last photos of Qatar,and they meet the famous person in the country and take photos with them,after that they go to have lunch with friends, after that they need to go shopping with the family in some mall.
    childs and guys watting for the firework.
    it’s nice and the sound loud you can hear it in your home!!
    many people visit Qatar in these day to see what happen in these small country..

  5. aqtr says:

    Every country has her own traditional customs; the western culture is different than the eastern culture. In Qatar we have a same culture over whole country the reason that Qatar is very small country and there is no different between cultures and habits between Qatari people. There are two important and famous habits in our culture it is Alarda and the weeding.

    Alarda is our traditional dancing .

    1- men
    2- dancing with swords
    3- many people
    4- traditional clothes

    The weeding in Qatar has a different habits from other culture

    1- The groom with his father
    2- Congratulate the groom and his father
    3- Traditional Arabic coffee
    4- Traditional dancing
    5- Some special perfume which we called ( ALOOD)
    6- Big diner

    I am waiting this moment 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. aqtr says:

    Ghanim i am very happy to read this theem about Eid al Fitr . but i am very sad to tell you somthing 😦

    we will be in USA next Eid 😦 😦 😦

  7. hi

    here I’m going to talk about the celebrations in my country Saudi Arabia. In my country we have two celebration twise a year. One after ramadan. It called Al fitir celebration.
    the another one called Al Hag celebration. Here I’m gonig to talk about the first one.
    This celebration is happening all over the eslamic countries. the poeple begin to celebrate with have a breakfast because it is coming after ramadan.usaully in my country specially my city Jeddah, the poeple have fun in this celebration and do sorts of the first day the poelpe in all over the country used to go out to the mosques to make the prayer when they finish there are two part of poeple , poeple who have breakfast outside another poeple who are come back home and have breakfat there. In fact there is another part some poeple go out to vesit friends and family grandfather, grandmother, etc. anyway the sleeping in these days during the celebration is very complcated . The daytime is nieght and the nieght is daytime so, the activities are doing at nieght .after the poeple have sleep and before the neight begins the poeple wake up and begin to prepare for going out to have dinner or vesit the family or vesits places . another point is cooking. The almost all the mothers in my city make a traditional food in this celebration and that all no denner no lunch no breakfast exsept the first day .
    some poeple go to the beach to have fun , rent a boet and go over the sea etc
    really this celebration is the most happy thing happen i the year all the poeple celebrate with that day and they do lots of things .
    If you vesit my country in this celebration you will see the smile on all the faces.
    thank you for read that and I hope you learn what is happening in that celebration.

  8. khamis al-kaabi says:

    Eed al athha is big celebration for all muslim in all the world.
    we have some prepration for Eed al athha for, For example, buy new clothes, and animal like camel, cow or lamb and cook some sweet food for visiter.
    we have some customs that we do it in this big day, first thing we start the day by go to the mousqe in the early morning, we go there and pray the al Eed salat,aftre we finish we go home to slaughter lamb, cow oe camel and give pice of theim to poor people,after that we have to visit our family, relatives and close friends to congratulate by this Eed . and we spend the day for interducing the visiter.

    this some important detalis that we do it in this Eed.

  9. mohammed says:

    In my country we have abig celebration.It called alaeed.It’s the best day in every year.The children go to take money from his family or relatives.This day is holiday in our culture because it from morning to night.In the morning we go to alaeed pray.After that we are going to visit our family and friends and congratulate them.You can see alot of food meal in this day.In the afternoon almost of people eat lunch in grand father the night you can go to mall or anywhere with friends.
    In conclution i think this day is the best day in the year.You can make relationship with friends and you can see alot of people you didn’t see him before.

  10. ESSA says:

    Eid Al-Fiter

    There are two Eids in my country as Eid Al-Fiter and Eid Al-Athha. Eid Al-Fiter once of the two Eids on there years. It is big celebration for Muslim. Eid Al-Fitter is coming after Ramadan. In the morning of this Eid, we have a special pray and visit relatives and friend .In the evening, we have ceremony, fireworks and special dance with sword.
    In the morning, first, we have a special pray for Eid. Second, I am visiting my relatives and friends. Then we have a big lunch in my grandfather house and there are all my closer relatives.
    In the evening, we have a big ceremony. We have a traditional dancing with sword. At night, all the lights in the cornice are closing and there are a big fire works.
    In conclusion, we must visit our relative .there are a lot of things to do in the evening and you will be happy.

  11. ESSA says:

    hello mohammed
    can u give my money 😀

    we most wrote about Eid

  12. saoud says:

    let me to tell you about event in qatar like frogsevent .this event it’s camel event. we made a big celebration for this event .this event popular in qatar so many of people come to this event . some time in main races the head of state of qatar come to this event .there are many prize like many of cars or money like 500000 dollars .so the camel trained give a camel a hard exersice like let her running alot of miles every day there are other gifts for the winner he has agood prices so when he sell a camel he will have alot of money.
    ( I recomend every one to hurry to get a camel )
    *limit quantity*

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