Tell Me About Your Reading

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.  I also hope that you have got a copy of the Express from your local metro station or bus stop and read a story or two.  Tell us about a story that you read:  what was the title? what was the main idea? did you like it?  what’s your opinion?

After you have written your comment, feel free to read others’ comments and write to them.

Enjoy the 4th of July and look for fireworks.



9 Responses to Tell Me About Your Reading

  1. aqtr says:

    Newspapers came everyday for us with different news in different unit. Everybody knows that there are too many units in the newspapers such as sports, politics, fashion, and business. While I was sitting in the metro I read some news paper that called express and there were two articles took my eyes. The first one was about the soccer match between Brazil and France, The second on was about the biggest air plan in the world which it called A380.

    In this period every part in this area is busy with world cup , Brazil the best team in the world faced France which it wan the world cup only on time but Brazil won 5 times and that way why most of people around the world love Brazil team . But in that night most of people shocked when the saw the result because they thought Brazil will won easily but they not, France won on nil and Henry succored wonderful goal and that was a very big shocked for the people who love Brazil team and love there colors yellow and green. In my opinion Brazil don’t deserve the win because they didn’t play well in this world cup in the other hand European teams played better than Brazil and one of them will win the world cup .

    A 380 the biggest plan in the world which it carry more than five hundred passenger. In this air plan you will find a lot of faculty such as swimming pool, gym, and play area for kids. Imaging that it is a wonderful and comfortable plan specially for long distance .there are only eight plans around the world and another nine will handed to airliners in the end of 2007. I like this kind of plane because it is very comfortable epically for me because I am traveling from Qatar to United States for 23 hours and I think it is a very long distance so I will travel with this kind because it is very comfortable and very funny.

    There is a lot of news every day but I chose news that I like it and enjoy with it. Every day I will read a lot of news while I using the Metro and I will read something that I love it and enjoy it.


  2. shakir shakir says:

    Every day I take the suttle from my home to come to the school It takes me about 20 min. to arive and after I finish my classes I take the suttle to go to home also it takes the same time . The reseon to say that is I have time to read any things newspaper , magasene , book ,etc that what I am doing every day , whan I come back home I take express newspaper with me on my way to the suttle and first thing I do it is look on the sports news but it is not for sports it include alot of titles nation , world , money , local , entertainment , styles , etc .

    when I was looking on the news I red about the biggest seprise in the world cup it is about the best team in the last few years …the brazil this team lost from france in the quarter final it was very sad day for all over the world cos’ they love the brazil they love Roonaldo , they love Ronaldenho , they love all the team also me I felt sad cos’ the final without Brazil like a tea with out sugar .

    In my openion Brazil remember 1998 they remember that world cup when they lost form the same team Frsnce That day effect on the play they could not score a goal they could not make any opportanity not opportanities I don’t no what’s was rong that day but this is the world cup every time we sirprise and shooked from the new loser
    who know that team france in the last world cup it lost from the first round , in this world cup he win from the brazil.
    The brazil that team who win the world cup last time , I like that in the world cup it shows a new winner and anew loser

    that I wanna talk about And I choose this title cos’ I fancy of sports I like watch it and I like play it and I enjoy it so match

    thank you and have a nice day , and enjoy the fireworks

    SHAKIR shakir

  3. essa says:

    Major attractions for Independence Day are open and on schedule WASHINGTON
    One week after some of the worst flooding in more than a century , museums and other attractions are open and some of the largest outdoor events of the year are begin held as scheduled.But officials are warning visitors to be prepared for heat and hight humidity levels.
    On the National Mall, the 40th annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival opend Friday with 80,000 people strolling among the tents,exhibits and stages. Larger crowds were expected through the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday.
    The sodded green will attract as many as 500,000 people Tuesday for the annual Capitol fourth concert and Fireworks disaplay over the Washington Monument.
    THE NATIONAI SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, actor Jason Alexander , actress-singer Vanessa Williams and country singer Jo Dee Messina will perform , near the west lawn of the Capital ,before tens of thousands of families.

    Thank you for read what I wrote ,and enjoy the celebration .

  4. saoud says:

    It was only a matter. OF TIME before someone brought “Little Women” to the stage and set it to music. The national tour of the Broadway hit struck out in August 2005 and makes a summer stop at the Kennedy Center. Kate Fisher, who plays quintessential tomboy Jo March, discussed the production via telephone with Express contributor Erin Trompeter.
    Photo courtesy Joan Marcus

    EXPRESS: What’s so special about this story?
    FISHER: The great thing about this story is that it’s very universal. It’s about people on the downside of world advantage. The story shows that you can be anything you want if you put your heart and mind into it.

    EXPRESS: How do you think music enhances the story?
    FISHER: When you have really great characters, it’s a great catalyst for bursting into song. That’s the idea behind musicals — that the characters are so full of emotion that words aren’t enough.

    EXPRESS: Any differences between the book and the musical?
    FISHER: The main big events are there. We start in a flash forward, when Jo is in New York writing. She reads a story to Professor Bhaer, and he is not happy with it. The premise starts in a flash forward, and then we flash back. Also, you never meet my father. He’s referred to,but of stage

  5. ghanim says:

    everyday i read the newa paper,because i have alot of free time to read alot of pages from the news paper and i like it so much,and i’m going to show you what i read…

    Walking Around Town: Big Stuff in Ballston Map It: Ballston WHEN DISTRICT DWELLERS hear the word Ballston, they may feel a sense of revulsion. To them, it’s one of those Metrorail stations “out there” with a soulless high-rise core rising around it. They may have been there before and fear the towering blocks immediately surrounding its station at Stuart Street and Fairfax Drive. While the photo we’ve put up here might reinforce that image, there is actually quite a bit happening around this dense commercial center in western Arlington County. Situated between the region’s two biggest employment centers (the District’s central business district and Fairfax County’s Tysons Corner), in theory, it is easily accessible by car and by Metro’s Orange Line. Because of that, Ballston has seen an explosion of growth in residential, commercial and mixed-use development. Block by block, Ballston the Behemoth is filling in and growing up.

  6. rhdwn says:

    Hello everyon
    I read about sand camp

    I didn’t know about MD’beach
    Did you here about Assateague Island state Park??

    maybe we can see start at night
    and listenig to the wavers roll in.

    I really like summer
    because I like swamming and going to somewhere.

    Maybe I think Tent is not comportable
    but I can recall some my travel

    Sand camp shows to me
    How is camp esay
    Show some romanstic about camping

    I like camp and I hope so going to camp someday

  7. bohamad says:

    Tonight’s Top Stop: Pre- July Fourth Celebration A NUMBER OF CLUBS celebrate the freedom to shake one’s booty and consume strong drink among like-minded hotties. Bear in mind that for a lot of these parties, admission prices rise over the course of the evening, depending on how in-demand the event is. Lower admission, food and cheap drinks are the order of the day if you show up fresh and early.

    The beloved DJ Gaurav, late of the outdoor summer soiree Air, gets the party started at “Freedom 2006,” a pre-Independence Day jam at K Street Lounge with hip-hop, modern rock and global sounds. Slip in between 10 and 11 p.m. for free, or register at

    Yes, H20 is going to be open on a Monday night and yes, this “Roc-a-Fella Party” is as smashing as the name implies. Memphis Bleek, at right, Young Gunz and Freeway onstage; clubgoers 18 and up on the dance floor, $10 admission before 11 p.m. — what’s not to like?

    For “Independence Day — It’s Not a Party but a Movie,” Love offers dancing and DJs on all four of its capacious floors. Freebies (before 10 p.m.) include drinks and barbecue. Grab a pass from, or

    Annual charitable goings-on take place at Clarendon Ballroom, where DJ Pat Premier and the bands Junk Food and Alan Has Radar keep the crowd moving for a good cause — the Arlington Assistance Center, which is the recipient of the canned item you’ll be bringing to save three bucks on admission. Aren’t you nice? The evening offers three levels (rooftop deck!), drink specials and still another day left to play.
    Continue reading “Tonight’s Top Stop: Pre- July Fourth Celebration” »

  8. nawaf says:

    today is holyday in USA i hope all enjoy this nice day,
    WE HOPE THAT YOU enjoy your July 4 holiday today. If you’re stuck in the office, then, well, be thankful you’re not out on the Mall in 90-degree heat to catch the fireworks. That’s what PBS is for.

    » Today’s star-spangled Top Stops, mostly drinking-related, can be found here. (If you do decide to imbibe, know that SoberRide is offering free taxis home from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. Click here for more information.)

  9. Mohammed says:

    July 4 Metro Service Preview FOR THE JULY 4 CELEBRATIONS downtown on Tuesday, Metro will be running special service on Metrorail, as well as offering post-fireworks express bus service to the Pentagon from 7th Street SW and Maryland Avenue.

    As has been done in the past, the Yellow and Blue lines will switch Virginia terminals, with Yellow Line service running between the Franconia-Springfield and the Mount Vernon Square-7th St.-Convention Center stations and the Blue Line only offering service in Virginia, between the Huntington and Rosslyn stations. Maryland-bound Orange Line trains will not only run to their normal New Carrollton terminus, but also to Largo Town Center. There will be extra Green Line service with alternating trains turning around at Fort Totten and heading back downtown. Red Line trains will alternate final destinations of Grosvenor-Strathmore and Shady Grove on the western arm and Glenmont and Silver Spring on the eastern arm.

    The Smithsonian station will remain closed all day, giving managers at that tourist-heavy stop a well-deserved day off. Imagine the crush of humanity if it weren’t closed ….

    If you’re planning on taking Metrobus into the downtown core, expect delays, especially the closer you get to the National Mall.

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