Do You Feel Lucky?

Hello B Team,

How is your weekend so far?

Sorry for this late post, but I guess I wasn’t too lucky with my computer. What I want to know is about some superstitions (check for a good online dictionary) from your country. Which superstitions have good luck and which have bad luck?

Have fun and I hope we all have luck reading what everyone writes.



13 Responses to Do You Feel Lucky?

  1. marlboro says:

    thanks for this nice post.
    hope we all have good luck šŸ™‚

  2. demet says:

    hello i’m demet:)

  3. rhdwn says:

    see block at night , this is bad luck
    while are sleeping, see pigs (one pig is ok ), this is good luck

    No.7 is lucky number
    N0.4 is bad number
    Because 4 and death sound is same in korea

  4. essa says:

    Hi Iam ESSA
    Iam from QATAR
    i will tell you about the superstitions in my country
    when stand up from your chair and your place was very hot.
    every body think you have alot of money

  5. shakir says:


    my name is Shakir

    about the superstition

    It’s not common in my country specialy in my home city Jeddah

    maybe thay said to each other you are lucky or not in the same momment of speaking

    and somethings happen to say that but it’s not ralated to the superstition

    so the poeple don’t know this thing



  6. rhdwn says:

    Oh No.3 is good lucky number too šŸ™‚

  7. bohamad says:


    I want to tell you about one of the superstition that get good omen

    there is insect in my country wich called “bobsher”

    that get good oman for each one that they see it.

  8. thematador says:

    iam saoud iam from qatar
    i would like tell about superstitions in my country in the past :
    In the past if any one decided to travle he was threw a bird if the bird fly in right side he had agood luck so he traveled if the bird fly in left side he didn’t travel because the bird tell hime there was many of problem he was faced in he is way

  9. aqtr says:

    Hi .

    Wooow . it is a very good them and I think it is interesting šŸ™‚ .

    We have a lot of superstitions , we have kind of insect if it flay above you that mean in our culture that is a good luck for you . we have another thing , if your hand scratch you that mean in our culture a lot of money will come for you:)

  10. marlboro says:

    number 13 is unlucky in my country,but this time many people dosn’t believe this things.
    when my brother saw any black cat he will feel afraid.

  11. ghanim says:

    hello b team,

    i’m ghanim from qatar..

    idon’t belieive the superstitions but, i’m going to tell you about the superstition that i heart, my friend told me if your birthday on 13 you will die early and,idont belieine that .
    that’s what i wanna tell you about the superstition.

    thank you,

  12. mohammed says:

    I’m mohammed.I’m from Qatar.I’m going to talk to you about supersistion in our countray for example when you go any where alone,you are sick.

  13. amer says:

    Hello, evrey one

    I am Amer, I am from saudi Arabia

    In our cultuer we do not have the superstitions and you cann’t faind taht in the whole parts from the country.

    good luck for you

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