Welcome to the B Team!

Welcome everyone to blog of MEI Summer Level B!

On this  blog and your own we will write our thoughts, opinions and ideas about different things and topics.

Now, the first assignment is to 'post' a 'comment' about what your favorite summer hobby or recreation is.


6 Responses to Welcome to the B Team!

  1. rhdwn says:

    Hi I’m najeong

  2. rhdwn says:

    I like studying in this summer
    Maybe?? 🙂

  3. greenxiao says:

    hi,I am jianrong ,I am here

  4. shakera says:


    I’m shakir

    I’d like to swim to mach

    cos’ It’s my favorite hobby but Unfortionatlly there’s no time for that

    so I’ll try to find a time to swimm

  5. greenxiao says:

    I am very happy to meet you at wy birthday. I want to say :thank you to the girl who is sitting here

  6. Amer says:

    Hello, Bill

    I enjoy playing soccer, swim and goinig to the beatch.

    Hoever, this is wate I knew in the USA to spend my time If you can tell me
    about other plaeces can I enjoy!!!

    thank you

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